Why HP Is Running


I‘m HP Parvizian from Houston, Texas and I’m a Democratic candidate for the United States Congress, running to become the next U.S. Representative from Texas’ 2nd District.

The reason I am running for the United States Congress is because it is time to get everyone to unite and bring our community back together. While we may not always agree I believe we can find solutions so that we can progress forward.

I was raised in Houston, Texas from the age of two. My father Gus was a self-employed Oriental rugs businessman who was the true definition of the American Dream, and my mother Giti was a hair dresser, a stay at home mom and the rock of our family. My parents instilled in me the values of respecting everyone, hard work, education, perseverance, and overall the importance of family.

Perseverance is an interesting word and why does this word come into a sentence of values. Well, it has to with something my father went through while he was a taxi driver. My father was shot four times while being robbed for twenty dollars. My father survived, but had to persevere through his injuries and stay positive. That perseverance paid off for my father because he was able to achieve the American Dream. He was able to build a successful Oriental rug business, be a good citizen and raise a family.

I grew up working in my father’s rug business greeting customers with a smile, cleaning the store and one of my fondest memories of my father having me hand out roses to all the women on Mother’s Day. I love the memories of my father and how he respected everyone and his philosophy in life was life is what we make of it. He would always seek out the person in the room that was sad or upset and feel it was his job to make them smile and laugh. He would always say I could let them ruin my day or I can add love and laughter to theirs. My father loved to laugh.

I am running for the U.S. Congress because our country finds itself in a perilous fight and the American Dream is being put out of reach for many Americans. Yes. The people are being stressed out by our current President, the Republican Leadership and the direction they are taking our country. They just passed so called tax reform legislation that in the end will cost taxpayers money, most likely end up raising taxes on hard working families and raise the debt another 1.5 trillion dollars. They are also sponsoring legislation that will take health care insurance away from children. I believe this is putting America on the wrong track.

I believe the American people want their representatives to focus on creating a strong economy.  One that creates new family wage paying jobs, and creates jobs and opportunities for our children and grandchildren.

Working families must be the priority, working families are the backbone of America. I will strongly support Labor Unions, collective bargaining, Davis-Bacon, project labor agreements and fair trade.

We must create new Labor Union supported manufacturing plants here in America using high tech to out compete China, India, Japan, Vietnam and other countries. The model of sending money and jobs out of America for profit is not a model we can follow any more. We must fight to bring jobs and manufacturing back into America. We must focus on creating jobs in America now by being competitive and using new technology to compete and at the same time pay our workers a family-supporting wage. We should find companies who want to invest in America and make America’s economy stronger. That is a model we should strive for.

I will create a Jobs Leadership Team in Texas’ 2nd District by bringing together Democrats, Republicans, Labor Leaders, Business Leaders, Public Officials, Community Leaders, Senior Citizens, Veterans, Students, and individuals interested in discussing ways to create more jobs in Texas.

Nationally, we must balance the budget. We must bring down the national debt. We must create and maintain a modern defense force that protects America. But we must always seek to establish real peace through negotiations, before we ever send our men and women in uniform into war. 

I’ll fight to keep America safe, work hard for the working families of Texas to create family wage paying jobs, promote investment in new high tech manufacturing plants, work to strengthen Labor Unions, support public education, strongly support our veterans, work hard for senior citizens by protecting social security and Medicare, strongly support a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions, help family farms, support the social safety net, support sportsmen and hunters, and protect our environment.

I have been talking to voters in cafes and their homes. The people in Texas’ 2nd District are also concerned about neighborhood safety. I’ll create a bi-partisan neighborhood safety committee to address the peoples concern and find effective solutions that can make people feel safe again.

I will dedicate myself everyday to making a positive difference in the lives of the working families, senior citizens, veterans, and students in Texas so all individuals, regardless of race, color, gender, or age, will be able to achieve the “American Dream.”

I believe that running for the United States Congress is a natural extension of my career and community service. I am also running for the U.S. Congress because I have a passion for specific issues that I will fight for in the U.S. Congress. I will work with all U.S. Congressmen, Republicans and Democrats, who want to work together to bring Americans back together, not divide us. I will fight for Animal Rights and support legislation that will protect our dogs, cats and all animals. I will strongly support legislation to bring health care to all especially our children. Health Care should be a right not a privilege. Our veterans must be taken care.  The pain and suffering for those who have given their lives to protect our freedoms should at least have the opportunity to have proper care when they return from the battle field. I will work hard to protect women and children. No women or child should be subjected to sexual abuse or harassment. Our children are our future.  We must take care of them and protect them. 

In addition our standing in the world must also be a priority. I look to President John F. Kennedy’s words as the kind of words I would like to hear from our current elected leaders.  He said:

“I believe in an America that is on the march - an America respected by all nations, friends and foes alike - an America that is moving, doing, working, trying - a strong America in a world of peace. That peace must be based on law and order, on the mutual respect of all nations for the rights and powers of others and on a world economy in which no nation lacks the ability to provide a decent standard of living for all of its people.”

I understand that America's leadership in the world depends on our leadership here at home.

I can stand up to my own party, if needed, and I will stand up to Donald Trump and the Republican Leadership when necessary. More importantly, I will stand up for the nation and for the people of Texas and do my best to work with both parties to address our most pressing problems and to keep America the welcoming place of opportunity, diversity and equality we all expect it to be.

We must work together to make ensure that our decisions are the wishes of our citizens.  We must all be held accountable for our decisions and have transparency. It’s an honor and privilege to hold this position and it should retain its integrity. Sometimes the right decision is the unpopular one, but it’s the one that must be made. I want everyone in the district to know we are here for them. I plan on being held accountable for my actions and with transparency on decisions and how I do my job. In the end we are all human beings and no matter how successful we may be will only progress by helping those less fortunate and giving opportunities to those who want them and are willing to work for them. 

I’m HP Parvizian from Houston, Texas, and that’s why I’m running for the United States Congress. I ask for your vote on Tuesday, March 6th, 2018!