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February 15, 2018

The H.P. Parvizian for U.S. Congress Campaign Launches Campaign Video

HOUSTON, Texas – The H.P. Parvizian for United States Congress campaign is proud to announce the launch of its campaign video.

The campaign video highlights H.P.’s story, support of Autism and Alzheimer’s charities, the issues most important to H.P. and points out the fact that Donald Trump is failing our country.

The campaign video also highlights one of H.P.’s ideas to create a Jobs Leadership Team in Texas’ 2nd District by bringing together locally Labor Leaders, Business Leaders, Public Officials, Community Leaders, Senior Citizens, Veterans, Students, and individuals interested in discussing ways to create more jobs in the Houston area.

“I will be a fighter for Jobs, Health Care for Children, Equality for All and I will be a Champion for Animal Rights in the U.S. Congress. These issues will be my top priorities in the U.S. Congress”, stated H.P. Parvizian.

Please click here to watch the campaign video:

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